Token EQ9

equalsInternational e Token EQ9

equalsInternational is a foundation in Europe founded by equals9
Directors to issue and distribute token EQ9 through Blockchain in order to finance projects within equals9 and aiming to accelerate the incubation process.
Donations will only be accepted through blockchain swapping TRX to EQ9 to be in accordance with regulated authorities in each country.

Qualified Donors receive EQ9 proportional to the amount donated and as a gesture for their participation on equals9 projects, as well as a bonus monthly airdrop till public sales for holding their tokens EQ9 in their wallets

Foundation members are responsible for the distribution for these donations and will have the equivalent of 19.44% of total supply

Doações equalsInternational 19.44%

Token EQ9 available for pre-sale

Number of Donnors

Meet your team!

“Your Success, our reputation”

(CEO) Founder
Visionary, Blockchain Market Analyst, Creative Director, polyglot, Lyricist, a long international experience and in customer relations, created equals9 after researching it for years,
He will be leading the following projects: equalsMusic and Token EQ9

Geographer and passionate about the environment and new challenges, she is the chief operating officer and project manager at equals9. Innovative and focused, she will contribute to the development of projects aiming at sustainability.
She will be leading the following projects: equalsTower and equalsMaglev

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